Educational Resources

At Lawrence & Mercer ALLARM, we believe educating yourself about the issues of unconventional gas extration is critical. If we wish to monitor our environment during the development of shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania, we need to understand the drilling process and the health and safety issues that follow.

current research

Learn about the scientific research on hydraulic fracturing at Westminster College's Chemistry Department.

Fracking Health

In many cases, shale gas drilling is happening near our homes and communities. It's very important we understand the health and safety concerns as well as its impact on air, water, and climate change.

current research

This page offers real time and up to date natural gas drilling alerts for Lawrence County.


This page features many resources that include scientific literature on fracking, handouts, fliers, presentations, news articles, and ALLARM manuals.

Natural Gas

Hydraulic fracturing is currently the most used technique for obtaining thermogenic gas from Marcellus Shale formations.


Natural Gas Production

This page features many resources that include graphs and charts on the Natural Gas Production in Lawrence and Mercer counties.