Welcome to Lawrence & Mercer Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring

Our Mission

We are dedicated to engaging in local water quality and air quality monitoring, educating the community about the environmental, social, and economic implications of oil and gas industry, and empowering volunteers with the tools needed to assess the health of our natural resources.

Dr. Boylan

How to Get Involved

We are always looking for volunteers or other organizations to partner with. We hold monthly meetings in Patterson Hall at Westminster College and newcomers are always welcome. Volunteers can acquire conductivity probes at meetings. See our calendar for meeting dates. If you cannot attend a meeting or you have general questions about our activities, contact us by email at lawmerallarm@gmail.com.

Upload your water probe data to our website using Google Forms. To view all data, to to the Latest Data page.

We Google Fusion Tables to map unconventional wells in Pennsylvania. Also included are drilling violations & abandoned wells.

This page features Google spreadsheets detailing the raw collected data, statistics, and graphs. All information is displayed publicly and in real time.