Lawrence & Mercer ALLARM Website Help

Use the following help sections to learn about how our website works and find answers questions you may have.

  Desktop Computers

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Chrome Google Drive

The Lawrence & Mercer ALLARM website runs on Google products such as Google Sites and Google Drive. Because of this, our website will operate the best on supported web browsers like Google Chrome. It will work on Mozilla Firefox but some display issues have been known to occur. Our website will not function properly on most other web browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Mobile Devices

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Currently, the Lawrence & Mercer ALLARM website does not have the capability for automatically adjusting to the the screen size of varying mobile devices. The best way to view our website on a mobile device is to activate the "request desktop view" option on your mobile web browser. Our website should then display correctly and you can zoom into any portion of the webpage.

    Printing From a Web Page

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If you wish to print something from a page on our website, you may do so by moving your cursor to an empty space on the page, right clicking, and selecting "Print." When opening documents in Google Docs, you can obtain the document by selecting "File" from the main menu and selecting either "Download" or "Print" from the drop-down window. When opening PDF documents, there are "Download" and "Print" buttons on the top toolbar you can use to obtain the document for your own use.

Need More Help?


If you are having issues with any web page loading correctly, try refreshing the page or check your internet connection. If the website states you do not have access to certain documents or photos, please email us at about the issue and we will fix it as soon as we can. To request assistance with anything else please feel free to contact us.