Thank you

We would like to extend our appreciation to every individual or organization that has contributed time or funding to sustain this program. We would especially like to thank all our volunteers whose time and efforts have made this program possible and enabled it to thrive. Finally, we specifically acknowledge the following organizations whose funding has enabled our continued expansion. Thank you.

If your organization would like to partner with Lawrence and Mercer County ALLARM, please contact us at

Based in Pittsburgh, the Colcon Foundation aims to foster a sustainable environment. Westminster College received a grant for the expansion of the Lawrence and Mercer County Alliance from the Colcom foundation in 2014. Funds from the grant will be used for additional water quality monitoring equipment, publicity for the program, and outreach efforts to educate and recruit additional volunteers. 

The Western Pennsylvania Environmental Awards recognize and honor outstanding achievements of organizations, businesses, and individuals in a wide range of environmental initiatives throughout the region. In 2013, a $5,000 award was given to students Lance Jubic ('15) and Tyler Umstead ('14) for their involvement with ALLARM. Jubic and Umstead donated the award money back into the Lawrence and Mercer ALLARM program.

Located at Westminster College, the Drinko Center enriches a student's undergraduate career though collaborative research with faculty. The Drinko Center has provided research grants as well as travel grants to multiple students involved in the ALLARM program.